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#INVESTTHIS EP 32: Moving Into Multi-Family with a 120-Unit Apartment Complex with Scott Bower

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“As the cycle continues to mature, investors are shifting their investment strategies to focus less on appreciation to generate crazy returns, and more on stability and betting on assets that will generate steady cash flow.”  –BisNow I am so excited to share with you the next chapter of HBSB Holdings! I just invested in a…

#INVESTTHIS EP 31: Taking Cash Flow to the Next Level, with Justin Grimes

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Justin Grimes, the host of the popular podcast The Cashflow Hustle has been an active real estate investor in properties from Dallas to Houston since 2007. Assets in his family’s current real estate portfolio include 500+ units through multi-family syndications, single-family rentals, self-storage centers, mobile home parks, mortgage notes, and commercial rehabs/flips. Justin shares quite…

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#INVESTTHIS EP 30: No Lead Left Behind – Systemizing Lead Management with Dan Schwartz, InvestorFuse

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Dan Schwartz, CEO of InvestorFuse is an entrepreneur whose passion is solving problems that help other entrepreneurs find the freedom to pursue the life they desire. I’m very excited to have Dan on the show today, as we have been friends and associates for some years now. I am a user and strong supporter of…

#INVESTTHIS EP 29: Keep More of What You Earn as a Limited Partner, with Holly Williams

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Holly Williams is an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council and the Founder and CEO of MQ Ventures and Keep More. is the online home of MQ Ventures, Inc., a NY-based real estate investment firm that has over $100M in multi-family investments nationwide. In this episode, Holly goes into great detail about…

#INVESTTHIS EP 28: Finding The Perfect Partner To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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In this weeks episode, I sit down with James Hawk, who hosts Flip Fuel, an expert real estate investor marketing show. James is also the Co-Founder, and Principal of Hayden Hawk Investment Group, which is a Real Estate Investment Firm that acquires residential real estate for rehabilitation and resale in Jacksonville, Florida. James and I discuss…