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#INVESTTHIS EP 18: Turning a $30K Initial Investment Into a $15MM Portfolio

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Discover how Todd Dexheimer, a former teacher, became an agile multi-family investor with a booming business.

In this weeks episode, I sit down with Todd Dexheimer, Founder of Venture D Properties. Todd and his companies have purchased, renovated and sold well over 200 properties. He and his team have purchased Multi-family buildings in 5 states and have raised over $10 million in private equity, providing his private investors with double-digit returns on every investment.Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 10.44.07 AM

When Todd realized that teaching wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he looked into real estate investing and never turned back. He started out with two houses and one rental property and grew his business from there. Learn how he made this transition, his unique method to ensure a 95% return on his investment for 1-4 family units, as well as how he obtains maximum profit for any venture. And you don’t want to miss why his goal of having a portfolio worth of $200MM in the next nine years, has nothing to do with being rich!

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Venture D Properties

Todd’s Favorite Books
How To Win Friends and Influence People
Am I Being Too Subtle

Tip of the Day:
[spp-tweet tweet=”If you’re not struggling or failing; then you’re not growing -Todd Dexheimer”]

#INVESTTHIS EP 17: How to Transition From Passive Investor To Active Investor

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Learn how Andrew Campbell turned his professional life around after a family tragedy taught him to live an intentional life by design.

In this weeks episode, I sit down with Andrew Campbell, Managing Partner of Wildhorn Capital. Andrew is a native Austinite and real estate entrepreneur who broke into real estate investing first as a passive investor in 2009. In 2012 he transitioned into active investing and management. At Wildhorn, he is focused on Acquisitions and maintaining Investor Relations, leveraging his marketing background to build long-term relationships.

With an advertising degree and years of successful marketing positions, Andrew started in real estate after his father was seriously ill and he felt he needed to reevaluate his priorities. Discover how Andrew began as a passive investor and grew his business as an active investor into a $70MM portfolio with over 700 units. Learn how he transitioned into real estate, how he leverages his marketing background to find the best property story as well as what his real estate prediction is for the near future (hint: a macro shift in homeownership).Wild Horn Logo

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Andrews’s Favorite Books
Millionaire RE Investor
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Cashflow Quadrant

Tip of the Day:
[spp-tweet tweet=”Progress is the goal! -Andrew Campbell”]

#INVESTTHIS EP 16: The Wild-Wild West of Senior Housing Investing

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Get the inside scoop on how to navigate investing in senior housing, which is a booming but difficult business to start.

In this weeks episode, I sit down with Tanner Bickelhaupt, Founding Principal of The tanbic Company. Tanner has more than 13 years of real estate, finance, and management experience. His investment track record includes successfully investing in multiple asset classes, in various markets, and through different economic cycles. Tanner walks us through the steps you need to take to get into senior housing investing, the differences in licensing structures (they are very different from traditional investing), as well as information on this thriving industry as a whole. tanbic-7x3

But, Tanner doesn’t stop there! Listen in as he shares his fascinating journey of jumping from a residential broker to starting his private equity investment firm. Learn the key strategies he used to make the transition into multi-family investing. And, you don’t want to miss how he perfected his Proforma strategy.

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Tanner’s Favorite Books
Never Split the Difference

Tip of the Day:
[spp-tweet tweet=”Take a swing at everything; leave no chips on the table -Tanner Bickelhaupt”]

#INVESTTHIS EP 15: The UnFlippers – The Latest Innovation in Real Estate Investment

#Investthis Podcast 15 Episode Cover
It’s new, it’s innovative, and we have all the amazing details from the Founders of The UnFlippers, Ryan Muzzarelli, and Donovan Reese. Ryan and Donovan combine years of experience in the residential real estate world. Ryan has flipped many homes himself, run a real estate team, and even built whole communities. Donovan has spent the better part of the last decade building one of the largest single family property management companies in the United States, before moving on to build The UnFlippers with Ryan.Unflippers Logo

Don’t miss this week’s podcast as Scott sits down with Ryan and Donovan to discuss how their belief that no one should have to sell an ugly house turned into providing an option for homeowners which has not been available in the marketplace until now. Learn what soft-spot in the real estate market led them to their model, how they created technologies to help them scale quicker, who their demographic is, and how investors like you can benefit from their business.

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Tip of the Day:
[spp-tweet tweet=”If everyone else is doing it, don’t do it! -Donovan Reese”]

Contact Ryan or Donovan

Donovan’s Favorite Books
You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar

Ryan’s Favorite Book
The Inner Game of Tennis

#INVESTTHIS EP 14: Creating Passive Income with RJ Bates III

Copy of Scott Bower Podcast - Episode 13 (2)

RJ Bates, III is CEO and Founder of Titanium Investments which has bought and sold over $75 million of real estate in 10 different states in the last three years. Titanium Investments provides honest solutions for Texas investment property sellers who need to sell fast, and investors who are looking to grow their real estate investment portfolios for better returns. RJ is a passionate leader with a proven track record of transforming complex real estate projects into simple, successful transactions. He prides himself on his ability to obtain and keep working relationships through his integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Titanium LogoIn this weeks episode, Scott sits down with RJ to discuss how he found ways to create passive income and why he’s passionate about it. You will also hear how he grew his business through wholesaling, one-off flips and building a rental portfolio, as well as how buying and renovating distressed rental properties leads to long-term tenets and low maintenance rentals. He also shares his secret on how to successfully use MLS to find hundreds of properties!

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Tip of the Day:

[spp-tweet tweet=”The answer is always no if you don’t ask: Always ask! -RJ Bates III”]


More about RJ Bates, III:

Titanium Investments Blog

The Titanium Vault Podcast

Beat Kids Cancer (RJ’s charity)

RJ’s favorite books:

The Flipping Blueprint

If You Can’t Wholesale After This, I’ve Got Nothing For You


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