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INVESTTHIS EP 76: Generating Cash Flow with Note Investing

Any investor who wants to earn monthly cash flow can do so by purchasing cash flowing notes without having to deal with toilets, trash, termites, and tenants. -Dave Franecki

I did a show a couple of weeks ago that covered note investing, and the feedback was phenomenal. That’s when I decided to do a deep dive, with a 30+ year investing veteran, and Note Investor of the Year award recipient, Dave Franecki.

Dave’s range of experiences includes almost every facet of the real estate industry, including REO, Flip/Fix, and loan officer. Because of his expertise, he is a sought-after speaker, author, sales trainer, Sr. Note Buyer at Capstone Capital and President of the Note Investor’s Forum Meet-up. Dave has won many awards, one most recent being Note Investor of the Year in 2018.

On today’s show, we deep dive on note investing, which includes how to use your 401K, how to analyze the equity, and why performing notes are the way to go. We also discussed some other interesting topics. Everyone is talking about a potential turn in the market, and Dave provides a fascinating insight on how to predict a downturn. Additionally, we discuss steps to take to protect yourself in a down market and still have cash flowing in.

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Dave Franecki Information:

Capstone Capital





More Information on Note Investing

#INVESTTHIS Episode 71: Note Investing Made Easy

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INVESTTHIS EP 74: Flipping Junkie and Forbes Real Estate Council Contributor, Melissa Johnson

With 16 years in the industry and over 1000 deals in the books, Melissa Johnson knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. As CEO of Danny Buys Houses, Melissa balances her creative, design side with the practicalities of running a real estate investing company. She is an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), and contributor to the Flipping Junkie blog. Concurrently, she enjoys sharing her unique perspective on running a successful real estate investing business based on real-life experiences and actual results. She is also the wife of Danny Johnson, of Flipping Junkie.

Melissa has a creative mind and has so many ideas that she carries a book around with her to write them all down. Currently, her latest plan is coming to fruition. She is presently putting together a Mastermind with Don Costa, which she is excited to announce soon.

On today’s episode, Melissa provides an inside look into how she started in corporate America but enjoyed her father-in-law’s lifestyle as a real estate investor. Deciding to take the leap, she and her husband Danny began flipping as a side hustle. With lots of self-education, a mentor and some successes under their belt, they went into flipping full-time.

Melissa shares how she has built her teams and some valuable lessons she has learned along the way. Additionally, she tells an interesting story about how they made it through the downturn in 2006, which is applicable for today as the fed just cut rates for the first time since 2008!

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Melissa Johnson Information:

Danny Buys Houses

Flipping Junkie





Forbes Real Estate Council

Melissa’s latest article on Forbes Real Estate Council: Best Practices When Dealing with Contractors

Don Costa – Epic Real Estate / FlipTalk


Melissa’s Favorite Books

Code of the Extraordinary Mind

The Advantage

More Information on Starting Your Own Business

#INVESTTHIS Episode 41: Starting Your Own Business, From Idea to Completion


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INVESTTHIS EP 71: Real Estate Note Investing Made Easy

Real estate note investing allows me the freedom to move to Paris for three months if I wish because all I need for work is a laptop. -Richard Thornton

Richard Thornton has been in real estate investing for over 30 years. He started in mortgage banking for large commercial properties. As the boutique companies like his started being bought up by big banks, Richard sold his company with an $8B portfolio. He then moved into investing in senior living projects. Due to the changing landscape, and REITs grabbing everything they could, Richard started looking at note investing. Four years later, he is the Managing Partner of American Note Capital and more than happy with his decision. He enjoys that he is helping people that otherwise wouldn’t qualify for a loan.

Note investing can be a bit tricky, but not when Richard discusses it! By the end of today’s episode, you will be armed with all you need to start your own journey into real estate note investing. We also discuss the importance of being recession-proof, creative financing, partial notes, and how to prepare to avoid future defaults.

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Richard Thornton Information:

American Note Capital

American Note Capital YouTube Channel


American Note Capital Facebook

Maximizing Wealth Facebook Group

Phone: 510-918-9001


Richard’s Book Picks:

Elon Musk

Start with Why


More Information on Creative Financing

#INVESTTHIS Episode 51: The Art of Creative Financing with Andrew LeBaron


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