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#INVESTTHIS EP 75: Building Better Systems to Scale Your Business

There are many different ways to scale your business. Today’s guest, Rafael Cortez, an organizational psychologist, has done so building his own systems. From firefighter at the age of 19 to building his own non-emergency medical transportation business, to real estate investor. Rafael Cortez has never stopped moving forward. Today, with over 600 deals negotiated,…

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#INVESTTHIS EP 74: Flipping Junkie and Forbes Real Estate Council Contributor, Melissa Johnson

With 16 years in the industry and over 1000 deals in the books, Melissa Johnson knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. As CEO of Danny Buys Houses, Melissa balances her creative, design side with the practicalities of running a real estate investing company. She is an official member of the Forbes Real…