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INVESTTHIS EP 79: Using Cost Segregation for Massive Tax Savings

Cost segregation reclassifies assets to maximize personal property and optimize depreciation deductions. This results in substantial cash flow benefits and astonishing tax savings.

As you can probably guess, learning how to utilize cost segregation can be challenging. But no more! I’ve brought on today’s show the man with all the answers!

Yonah Weiss is a powerhouse with property owners’ tax savings. As Business Director at Madison SPECS, a national Cost Segregation leader, he has assisted clients in saving tens of millions of dollars on taxes through cost segregation. He has a background in teaching, a passion for real estate, and helping others. 

I’m psyched about this show because I just started utilizing cost segregation myself, and have enjoyed the tax benefits. Above all, I am eager to share this knowledge with you, my listeners. It’s kind of like plucking money out of thin air. What’s better than that? During today’s episode, Jonah explains exactly was cost segregation is, how to use it, and what kind of investment properties benefit. Yonah also provides insights into bonus depreciation law and what may happen in 2020 with a new administration. The best part of this podcast is the real-world examples of how you can save on your taxes and have more cash flow.

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Tip of the Day:

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Yonah Weiss Information:

Madison Specs


Give Yonah a call: 732-298-9002

Yonah’s Favorite Book (and mine too!)

Think and Grow Rich


More Information on Tax Savings

#INVESTTHIS Episode 21: Exclusive Tax Advice from Enrolled Agent, Scott Garner

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INVESTTHIS EP 78: Business Growth Strategies with Ryan Scialabba

To boost business growth strategies, most companies need a diverse set of initiatives–and how you sequence them matters. –McKinsey

There are many different ways to grow your business, and today, Ryan Scialabba focuses on creating growth strategies to transition from solopreneur to managing partner.

Ryan Scialabba has been investing in real estate since the age of 19. Six years later, he is the managing partner at UCG Homebuyers of Pittsburgh, Founder of FLIP PGH, and partner at As an investor, he and his team will complete 140-150 transactions, have over $11MM and sales, and for the second year in a row be a $1MM net company. He prides himself on being a No BS investor, showing people the journey, the wins and losses, and helping people build businesses that fit their lifestyle – not businesses that consume it. 

You won’t hear my voice very often during this podcast, because Ryan goes into great detail as to how he and his partner developed a detailed strategy to grow their business. Starting as partners, they used their system to build their successful team and increase their bottom line. Ryan focuses on riding the line between lifestyle and growth while trying to enjoy the ride. He offers some great advice as to how to do just that.

Also, in today’s episode, you will learn about the Pittsburgh market, Ryan’s biggest fears, and how he conquered them, as well as the biggest life lesson he’s learned to date.

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Tip of the Day:

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Ryan Scialabba Information:

UCG Homebuyers of Pittsburgh




Ryan’s Favorite Book (he says it’s the best book ever written!)

Dichotomy of Leadership


More Information on Growing Your Business

#INVESTTHIS Episode 75: Building Better Systems to Scale Your Business

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