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getting into the minds of successful real estate investors

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Weekly Interviews with Investing Pros in the Real Estate World.

Hi, I'm Scott

If you're here to listen and understand what the most successful real estate investing pros are doing to consistently grow their portfolios, then you've come to the right place! My name is Scott Bower; HBSB Holdings owner and CEO and I want to welcome you to the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, where the secrets of real estate investing are revealed! This podcast is all about you, the listener.  My goal is to provide you with critical real estate investing information, that you can invest in your business and life, advancing it forward at lightning speed!

Scott Bower

Latest Episodes

From Wholesaling to Building a Single Family Rental Portfolio

By | Sep 10, 2020

Transitioning from wholesaling to building a single-family rental portfolio has its challenges, but it’s worth it! As a wholesaler, you are only as good as your last deal, which takes a lot of hustle and grind. Investing in single-family rentals, you generate passive income with less hustle and grind. And, if you throw in some…

From Waiter to Real Estate Investor, Coach and Author

By | Sep 3, 2020

Many people are reevaluating their businesses and their lives due to the changes brought on by the fallout of COVID19. Today’s guest, Dan Rochon, knows about rethinking and changing course for a better life. Transitioning from waiter to real estate investor, then on to helping others through coaching and writing a book about his experiences,…

Creating Passive Income with Home Equity Investing

By | Aug 27, 2020

Are you are a passive investor, or maybe thinking of diversifying your real estate portfolio? Home equity investing is a profitable, creative investment that can gain you massive profits.  Last year almost a billion dollars was invested into the equity of single-family homes through home equity agreements. This enables homeowners to get a cash lump…

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