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getting into the minds of successful real estate investors

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Weekly Interviews with Investing Pros in the Real Estate World.

Hi, I'm Scott

If you're here to listen and understand what the most successful real estate investing pros are doing to consistently grow their portfolios, then you've come to the right place! My name is Scott Bower; HBSB Holdings owner and CEO and I want to welcome you to the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, where the secrets of real estate investing are revealed! This podcast is all about you, the listener.  My goal is to provide you with critical real estate investing information, that you can invest in your business and life, advancing it forward at lightning speed!

Scott Bower

Latest Episodes

#INVESTTHIS EP 13: From a Pharmacist to Managing a 30-Property Portfolio with Stuart Gethner

By Scott Bower | May 24, 2018

  In Episode 13 of #INVESTTHIS we welcome, Stuart Gethner. Stuart is the President of Phelps Capital & Consulting and Managing Partner at Dobson Property Management. Stuart is also the author of Three Strategies to Work In and Not On Your Business.  On top of all that he is also a real estate instructor for the Arizona…

#INVESTTHIS Episode 12: Niche Market Real Estate: Do You Find the Deal or the Money First?

By Scott Bower | May 17, 2018

In this week’s #INVESTTHIS Episode 12, Scott is talking with Allison Kirschbaum, CEO/CMO of Luo Media.  At 25, Allison is running companies that specialize in private equity, real estate investing, private equity marketing services, self-storage investing, coaching/training and on top of all that, she is also a speaker and an author. Listen in to hear…

#INVESTTHIS EP 11. Investing in Commercial Real Estate with Danny Randazzo

By Scott Bower | May 10, 2018

In Episode 11 of #INVESTTHIS, we talk with successful commercial real estate investor Danny Randazzo. Danny is a partner of Randazzo Capital. From his initial profitable experience with real estate, he became obsessed with building a multi-million dollar portfolio that generates double-digit returns. In this week’s episode, Danny talks about his three rules when investing in commercial…

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