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getting into the minds of successful real estate investors

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Weekly Interviews with Investing Pros in the Real Estate World.

Hi, I'm Scott

If you're here to listen and understand what the most successful real estate investing pros are doing to consistently grow their portfolios, then you've come to the right place! My name is Scott Bower; HBSB Holdings owner and CEO and I want to welcome you to the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, where the secrets of real estate investing are revealed! This podcast is all about you, the listener.  My goal is to provide you with critical real estate investing information, that you can invest in your business and life, advancing it forward at lightning speed!

Scott Bower

Latest Episodes

#INVESTTHIS EP 20: How To Successfully Enter New Markets

By Scott Bower | Jul 12, 2018

Michael Pouliot, a financial analyst by day and real estate investor by choice, shares his step-by-step process of how to enter new markets and make big profits. In this week episode, Michael takes us through his tried-and-true method of entering new markets. He explains how to build solid relationships with brokers and how to create…

#INVESTTHIS EP 19: How to Gain Leverage and Move Into Multi-Family Investing

By Scott Bower | Jul 5, 2018

Jason and Pili Yarusi, Founders of Yarusi Holdings started out helping storm-ravaged homes in New Jersey, moved on to flipping and leveraged those ventures into multi-family investing. In this weeks episode, I talk with Jason and Pili about how they changed their mindset from just investing in single-family/flipping homes to scaling up to multi-family units.…

#INVESTTHIS EP 18: Turning a $30K Initial Investment Into a $15MM Portfolio

By Scott Bower | Jun 28, 2018

Discover how Todd Dexheimer, a former teacher and now principal of Venture D Properties, became an agile multi-family investor with a booming business. When Todd realized that teaching wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, he looked into real estate investing and never turned back. He started out with two…

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