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getting into the minds of successful real estate investors

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Weekly Interviews with Investing Pros in the Real Estate World.

Hi, I'm Scott

If you're here to listen and understand what the most successful real estate investing pros are doing to consistently grow their portfolios, then you've come to the right place! My name is Scott Bower; HBSB Holdings owner and CEO and I want to welcome you to the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, where the secrets of real estate investing are revealed! This podcast is all about you, the listener.  My goal is to provide you with critical real estate investing information, that you can invest in your business and life, advancing it forward at lightning speed!

Scott Bower

Latest Episodes

#INVESTTHIS EP 49: 5 Ways to Improve Business Efficiency, with Don Costa

By Scott Bower | Jan 24, 2019

Focusing on how to improve business efficiency can help you grow and maximize your profits, as well as save you time and money. -American Express. Don Costa, hosts the popular podcast Flip Talk and he is the Founder of Strategic REI, which is a reputable house buying company in 7 markets in California. Like many…

#INVESTTHIS EP 48: How Improving Your Health is Good for Business

By Scott Bower | Jan 17, 2019

With the New Year, I thought it a good idea to share something different this week. Improving your health, as we all know is important. But, it’s also a fact that it will improve your business. The Center of Creative Leadership’s study found that Executives who exercise are significantly more effective leaders than those who…

#INVESTTHIS EP 47: Mortgage Industry Trends for 2019

By Scott Bower | Jan 10, 2019

The mortgage industry, as we know, is pushed and pulled by interest rates. Calvin Schnure, SVP of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts’ recently stated, “The interest rates are keeping demand in check, but it’s not going to push it down. I don’t see the real downside risks people are worried about,” My…

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