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Hi I'm Scott 

If you're here to listen and understand what the people are doing at the top of the industry, then you've come to the right place. My name is Scott Bower; HBSB Holdings owner and CEO and I want to welcome you to the #INVESTTHIS Podcast! This podcast is all about you, the listener, and providing key information for you to invest into your business and life advancing it forward at lightning speed!

Your Host - Scott Bower

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#INVESTTHIS EP 24: How to Manage and Grow a Prosperous Wholesale Investing Business


“Every deal you close should be treated as an opportunity to grow your real estate wholesaling business.” –Fortune Builders Michael Cowper is a real estate investor that quickly grew from land lording to running a wholesale business, Return on Investments, with his partner, Mike Simmons. In this weeks episode, Michael delivers detailed information on how…

#INVESTTHIS EP 23: From Australian Engineer to Successful US Real Estate Investor, with Reed Goossens


Continuous learning enabled Reed Goossens to achieve a $40MM portfolio of multi-family real estate. Reed Goossens, owner of RSN Property Group who lives by the rule “never say die,” lends his humor and his knowledge in this weeks podcast. Reed delves into what it takes to move from another country and start investing in the…

#INVESTTHIS EP 22: Student Housing Investing with Jeff Greenberg


“Even though many would argue the industry [student housing] is in the ‘awkward teen’ phase at the moment, I remain confident that it will grow and evolve into becoming a mature and stabilized ‘adult’ in the years to come.” –Forbes Real Estate Council, June 2018 Jeff Greenberg, who is the CEO and Managing Member Synergetic…

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