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#INVESTHIS EP4. Trevor McGregor, How a Tony Robbins Master Platinum Coach is Now Helping Real Estate Investors

InvestThis Trevor McGregor

What does it cost to hire a coach? This is the question many of us entrepreneurs have asked. Most of us would expect to hear a dollar amount when posing this question but what if instead, you heard there is no cost, but there is an investment.

What would that mean to you? In this episode, Trevor breaks down the difference between the cost and the investment of a coach and what having a coach can really do for you.

Starting in the corporate world many years ago working in real estate and hospitality, Trevor helped grow the company he was with to over $40 million dollars. He managed over 500 direct employees and discovered he had an interest in watching these employees grow and achieve success.

After attending many seminars, classes and events, obtaining over 10,000 hours in direct coaching and helping hundreds of world-class executives Trevor is now a Tony Robbins Master Platinum coach. His passion is helping people go further faster, so listen in as he might just help you!

If you are interested in working with Trevor McGregor you can find him here.

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About the author, Scott

Scott is an energetic and health conscious Real Estate Entrepreneur. A transplant from the state of Iowa, he has excelled in business from his very first venture. Entrepreneurship has come naturally for Scott, as he started his first company at the age of 17. He studied at the University of Iowa with degrees in Business Communication and Entrepreneurial Management, also studying Health Promotion with an emphasis in Nutrition before moving to Arizona to dominate in his Real Estate career.

Starting off in residential retail Real Estate sales with Keller Williams Realty and closing $2.2M in volume his first 12 months, he quickly realized being a realtor was not for him. Since then, he has moved into the investment space flipping over 150 residential transactions and building a portfolio of rental properties with over $20,000,000 in closed volume to date. He is also the host of the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, interviewing only the elite of Real Estate Investors for his listeners. Now with his knowledge and experience, he is moving into larger investment opportunities in multi-family and commercial Real Estate, focusing on building strong relationships with his investors, providing solid returns, and building wealth for his family.

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