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From Waiter to Real Estate Investor, Coach and Author

Many people are reevaluating their businesses and their lives due to the changes brought on by the fallout of COVID19. Today’s guest, Dan Rochon, knows about rethinking and changing course for a better life. Transitioning from waiter to real estate investor, then on to helping others through coaching and writing a book about his experiences, Dan knows what it takes to take your life in a more prosperous direction.

Dan started investing as an agent over 20 years ago, which began when he was a waiter wanting to design a better life for himself. He didn’t have any money, nor could he get a loan to start a business, and that’s when a fellow waiter told him about real estate investing. He received his real estate license in 2007 and bought his brokerage firm in 2009, which he sold just two years ago. 

Dan shares quite a bit about how he had to change his mindset, reevaluate his life goals, and the hurdles he had to jump to transition from waiter to real estate agent. The next shift came when he sold his brokerage firm and wanted to take his life to the next level. He talked with his mentor, who gave him the advice to document everything he learned and then share it with others. That’s when Dan wrote Real Estate Evolution.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The big transition from waiter to real estate agent
  • The mental battle of transitioning from floating through life to designing a better life
  • How to get through the fear of success (or failure)
  • How to do less to achieve more
  • Focusing on what will make your life and business better
  • Real Estate Evolution
  • The sales formula for success
  • The evolution of real estate technology
  • Continuous learning is the key to success
  • Working through problems to the solutions 
  • Bringing value to your customers/clients
  • Dan’s growth strategy for his company
  • Positioning his company so that it does not rely 100% on sales

Dan’s Book Recommendations

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

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Real Estate Evolution

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