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Real Estate Investing During the Coronavirus

Today’s episode is about helping you maintain your real estate investing business during this unprecedented time of the Coronavirus.

I never imagined the 100th episode of INVESTTHIS would be centered around a pandemic and its massive impact on the world. I had a crazy week dealing with the fallout, as well as doing everything I can to ensure my future. I wanted to share where the market stands today, and some real-world examples, advice, and tips on how you can maintain your business in these wild times. At the same time, I offer some positives as well as the steps you can take right now to secure your future.

Key Takeaways

  • The shift in the market 
  • Benefits that have come from the Coronavirus
  • How my business has changed in the last two weeks
  • Buyer pull-back
  • iBuyers have pulled out of most markets
  • The ripple effect of the Coronavirus on business
  • Short-term rentals market
  • Pricing shortage and MLS listings
  • The shape of the recovery could go two ways
  • Preparing for a possible recession
  • What you can do right now to keep your business strong and flourishing
  • Downmarket opportunities 
  • 5 Steps to Take During the Coronavirus to Maintain Your Business
  • What marketing you should be doing
  • How to best utilize your line of credit(s)
  • ARVs are no longer the same
  • Working with discounts
  • Double your production
  • How to make contingency plans on deals that are pending

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