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Real Estate Branding Tips to Beat Your Competition

A new survey suggests that real estate investors are unlikely to survive in today’s competitive market unless they get serious about branding their business (Source: Fortune Builders). Real estate investors often debate the decision to operate independently or build a real business and brand. Many more think that they can put off the decision. However, the need to brand your real estate investing business has never been greater, and that is why I’ve brought Stace Caseria on to talk about real estate branding tips to beat your competition.

Stace Caseria is the founder of Trust Deep Branding Agency and an award-winning writer and branding expert with 20-years of experience. He focuses on creating long-term loyalty between businesses and individuals built on deep trust. He got his start at MAD Magazine and has created communication content and strategy for brands like Realty, Mogul, Bose, Delta Air Lines, Panasonic, Vail Resorts, etc. He’s been investing in real estate for more than 20 years and is currently both an active and passive investor.

Stace and I discuss all the aspects of branding. From the many profitable reasons why you should be branding yourself to how to create a brand. We also discuss in detail how to use that branding to create loyalty between you and your customers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why it’s essential to brand your business – making yourself stand out from others and build loyalty. 
  • Many real estate investors fail to take advantage of their personal or professional brand.
  • Branding builds measurable value for your business beyond your sales. 
  • The Coca Cola brand equity example 
  • How to be the Coca Cola of real estate investing

Good branding shows that someone has given serious thought to their business. 

  • Is the importance of branding more critical now because of COVID?
  • 3 levels of branding – One: Someone knowing your brand (head decision). Two: Someone liking your brand (heart decision). Three: Someone who trusts you (gut decision).
  • Building a trustworthy brand: likable is great, but it comes down to loyalty, which starts with trust. 
  • Niche business branding vs. buffet business branding

Image generates awareness, and substance gets people to understand who you are and the value you bring to them.

  • Creating your and launching your brand
  • How to set up your website to capture leads
  • Getting real estate professionals to understand the value of branding 
  • The fundamentals of creating a brand
  • The challenges of branding in today’s real estate market
  • The steps to take to define your brand
  • Creating an authentic brand 
  • How to recognize that it’s time to evolve your brand
  • Why branding is worth the investment

There are costs to anything; branding is an investment in your business growth. 

Stace’s Book Recommendation

The Speed of Trust (Stephen Covey)

Stace’s Best Advice

Buy more properties earlier and take more risks.

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