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Next Level Income: Financial Freedom

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on many businesses, and that includes real estate investing. With the hardest-hit sector looking to be single-family investments, we look to the next level income to financial freedom being multifamily investing. 

To help us dive deep into the financials and benefits of multifamily, I’ve brought on author, podcast host, and long-time investor, Chris Larsen. As a former Biomechanical Engineer and now a managing partner of Next-Level Income, with 20 years of investing experience, Chris shares his unparalleled knowledge and knack for solving problems.

In addition, we have a discussion on how COVID-19 has affected his business and the steps he is taking to ensure sustainability and future growth. And, DON’T MISS the fascinating insights Chris shares on the state of the multifamily market today and where it’s headed post-COVID-19. [23:02 Time Stamp]

Key Takeaways

  • Chris – The King of the Side Hustle: The Early Years
  • Chris bought his first property at 21 with $3,000 down and co-signed by mom.
  • How to leverage your first property to grow your portfolio.
  • Transitioning from a six-figure W2 job into full-time investing.
  • Starting out with an investor mindset.
  • Knowing your “why.” 
  • Taking your past job skills and applying them to real estate investing
  • How to roll over investments into multifamily assets
  • Infinite Banking Concept
  • The state of the multifamily market today
  • The hot markets for multifamily now and post-COVID-19
  • Single-Family vs. multifamily; the financial and lifestyle differences
  • How to control appreciation in multifamily
  • The cost savings of implementing environmentally-friendly assets into your apartment building(s)
  • The tax benefits of multifamily investing
  • The Holy Grail of multifamily
  • How COVID-19 is affecting his business and what steps he is taking to ensure continued sustainability and future growth
  • Understanding A, B, and C class assets in today’s market
  • Next-Level Income the book


For as long as the shutdown lasts, you can download Chris Larsen’s Next-Level Income Book for free!


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