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Mindful Money

If you’re not mindful of your money, your money will mind you. The best way to be mindful is to be confident in your financial literacy, and that takes education! 

In today’s COVID world, research says that over 50% of American’s don’t have enough savings to make it through the pandemic. Society, marketing, advertising, and Amazon have all played a part in the vicious circle of borrowing ourselves into oblivion as we continue to purchase things that we probably don’t need.

As my guest, Jonathan DeYoe, says, “once you’re financially educated, you no longer stress about your money.” Jonathan is focused on helping people become financially literate and writes about Financial Literacy and Behavioral Wealth Management for news outlets like and He is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Realizing Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend. He also takes his expertise on the road and speaks locally and nationally on the intersection of money and mindfulness.

In today’s show, Jonathan and I discuss basic finance, create a financial plan, and how mindset plays a significant role in your financial freedom. As I always say, “You have to get your mindset right, to get your money right.” We also discuss fiduciary advisors vs. financial advisors and the path of financial security > financial freedom > wealth.

  • How Jonathan started with nothing, tried everything, and found his niche
  • Understanding basic finance and creating a plan
  • How wealth is created in the real world

Financing today is a vicious circle as the capacity for us to borrow ourselves into oblivion plays into our desire to spend.

  • The dangerous backend marketing of social media doesn’t help our penchant for spending. 
  • Financial literacy today 
  • Mindful money
  • How Jonathan started building financial courses
  • Fiduciary advisors vs. financial advisors

Financial advisors are trained to pitch products; fiduciary advisors are required by law to do what is best for their clients.

  • Get educated and prepare yourself for disaster
  • How the economy will always bounce back 
  • The path of financial security > financial freedom > wealth
  • The simple practice of reaching your financial goals and increasing your happiness dividend 
  • How to set financial goals
  • How to change your mindset for financial literacy success. 
  • Are you increasing your debt, or are you increasing your net worth?
  • What to do with your excess cash for optimum return

Focus on the things that make a difference, and ignore the things that don’t. 

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The Buddhist Psychology of Awakening (Steven D. Goodman)

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Mindful Money

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