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Life As An American Business Owner in China

You won’t hear these stories coming out of China anywhere else! Brian Miller, Founder of Easy China Warehouse, understands that things are tricky as an American business owner in China. And it’s not getting any easier with COVID19 wreaking havoc for global companies. 

This is a very different episode of INVESTTHIS, as I’m bringing you a different look at how an entrepreneur from Connecticut, made his fortune in China! 

Brian started traveling the world after the crises in 2008 and ended up in China. He worked in manufacturing and learned the ways of 3rd party logistics. He found that there was a need for a middleman between manufacturers and the behemoth that is Amazon. He now helps companies distribute to third party warehouses or directly to their customers.

In today’s episode, you will learn what it’s like to be a business owner in China. The mysteries behind China’s manufacturing and logistics will be revealed, allowing you a peek into a world most know nothing about. Brian and I also discuss the story and ramifications behind the Coronavirus, starting in Wuhan, China. Also, learn how current tensions are changing the dynamic for Americans working in China. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How Brian started Easy China Warehouse, which helps companies distribute to third party warehouses or directly to customers.
  • Understanding global logistics 
  • Working with Amazon as a profitable middleman
  • The United States trade war with China: An inside look
  • Why manufacturing may move out of China and into other countries
  • China and the beginning days of Coronavirus
  • How China handled and beat the odds against Coronavirus and how it impacted citizens
  • The most significant influences on the supply chain during COVID-19
  • Did China spread the virus to the US? 
  • Li Wenliang – The hero of the Coronavirus that their government wanted to be silenced
  • Being an American in China during the Coronavirus
  • Why the middle man always does well
  • How to make money in eCommerce logistics
  • Amazon’s model is to be a tollbooth and how to take advantage of it
  • The financials behind a successful revenue-generating eCommerce logistics company 
  • The Global Marketplace
  • What you need to do to run a business in China (#1: Learn Chinese) 
  • The advantages and disadvantages of doing business in China as an American
  • The future of trade with China
  • The future of manufacturing in China 
  • The eCommerce logistics competition in China

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Brian will answer any questions!

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