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Legal Advice on Asset Protection

The number one concern for all real estate investors is asset protection. We don’t work this hard to lose all of our hard-earned money because of a frivolous lawsuit. Yet, obtaining legal advice on asset protection can sometimes seem too expensive. That’s exactly what my guest, Scott Smith, thought and built Royal Legal Solutions to help real estate investors protect their assets. 

Scott is an attorney and a real estate investor himself and has learned that keeping your wealth is just as important as making it. All of his clients are real estate investors, and everything he and his team do is focused on protecting their hard-earned assets. Currently, the firm is protecting $1.2 billion in assets across all 50 states and looking to help as many investors as possible. 

We will talk about how you should never put your assets in your personal name during today’s show but use a Series LLC and Child LLC’s for ultimate protection. We discuss real-world real estate investing challenges and how to apply legal solutions to avoid litigation. We also discuss land trust, saving time and money on taxes, and how most real estate investors are under covered. 

Key Insights

  • Attorney and real estate investor using the same strategies that the uber-rich do.
  • Making more on his side hustle in real estate than litigation
  • The spark that started Royal Legal Solutions
  • The number one issue Scott solves: What happens if I lose everything
  • When you should start protecting your assets, especially if you are new in the real estate investing game. 
  • The cost of getting legal strategies in place
  • You don’t have to put everything in place simultaneously; you can continue to add on strategies.
  • Real-World Scenario Legal Advice: Protecting several different asset classes of real estate (SFR, multifamily, etc.) held in different LLCs
  • How to use anonymity
  • How to defeat those lawsuits before they get to litigation

The game of litigation: how much money do you spend on the front end, and compare it to how much money you can make on the lawsuit 

  • Real-World Scenario Legal Advice: Understanding a Series LLC and Child SeriesIsolating assets
  • The benefits of using a Series LLC
  • Real-World Scenario Legal Advice: Buying a property subject too, and wrap that note and sell it again
  • Isolating your assets
  • How to hold property inside a trust
  • Using a blind trust for your asset

A land trust is a critical component for getting the anonymity to stop the lawsuits before they start

  • Transferring personal assets into a Series LLC
  • How to use Series LLC and a blind trust so that you can mask owner public records
  • How to disguise the transfer when transferring your assets from your name to land trust within the LLC structure

When you own assets in your personal name is a target on your back

  • Why having assets in your name is the biggest risk you’re taking
  • 98% of lawsuits fail because it’s an extortion scheme
  • What single-family rental investors and note investors need legally
  • How Royal Legal Solutions facilitates financial freedom for investors
  • How are real estate investors are under covered legally
  • The tax savings using a Series LLC 
  • How to migrate a current LLC into a Series LLC
  • Real-World Scenario: How a Series LLC off of a flip saved investor from being sued 

What Scott is Reading:

The Surrender Experiment (Michael Singer)

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