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How to Outsmart Your Competition

Competition is fierce out here in the real estate game! Here in Phoenix, there is zero inventory on the MLS, and the distressed market is slim, and that scenario is playing out all across the county. This battle is pushing every real estate investor to look for a way to outsmart their competition to the next good deal. Unfortunately, most real estate investors use the same lists, driving the competition to be even fiercer. So, how do you differentiate yourself? How do you find and close those deals first? It’s all about using good data and smart marketing!

Josh Miller, founder and CEO of Go For Close left his secure engineering position to pursue full-time real estate investing. After achieving his goal of creating $40K in passive income a month, he retired, as he wasn’t passionate about real estate, but he did know he wanted to help people.  

Josh realized that what investors needed most was an efficient way to create strong leads, using smart marketing to close the deal. Josh had a problem: he didn’t want to handle the marketing side of it, nor the sales; he just wanted to run the business. So, he hired experts in their respective fields to help investors. Go For Close empowers real estate investors to focus on sales and closing deals by providing a specialized team and marketing platform at an affordable rate. They assist clients in finding qualified leads and staying competitive regardless of the market landscape. They do the marketing so that clients can focus on closing deals.

Today, Josh shares some phenomenal tips on finding strong data, what data to stay away from, and the key factors to good marketing once you get those leads. As Josh says, “We are in such a competitive market, you have to have multi-channel marketing to scale.”

Key Insights:

  • How Josh was able to retire young while making $40K in passive income a month
  • Understanding early on that he had to hire for the skills he didn’t possess
  • The real estate investor competitive landscape today
  • The next wave of marketing: predictive analytical data
  • Utilizing different data sources to create a comprehensive list
  • Understanding what data is out there and what to stay away from
  • It’s tough for individual investors to be expert marketers; know when to hire/delegate that portion of your business
  • What the typical investor is getting data today, and why they have to change their game

Data is gold, but if you have hundreds of investors using the same data, it’s fool’s gold.

  • How to find good data
  • Those phone numbers aren’t good leads, you say? Are you sure? 
  • Why you should never rely on one list provider
  • Your initial marketing message is key to your success. If you’re not getting a 60% response rate, you’re doing something wrong.

If you have bad data, you have bad leads, and all the best marketing in the world won’t help.

  • Why having an omnipresence is key to outsmarting your competition 
  • How to recognize where your weaknesses are and hire experts to fill those jobs

There are no secrets to this game; it’s about who can be the most innovative.

What’s Josh Reading:

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork (Dan Sullivan)

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Go For Close (get a free consultation, just say Scott sent you!)

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