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Keeping Your Mindset and Business Strong In a Chaotic World with Trevor McGregor

We are going through, what Trevor McGregor calls, a Global Pattern Interrupt, which is causing major upheaval in our personal and business lives. It’s difficult for many at this time to become the victor instead of the victim of circumstance. So, how does one accomplish that lofty goal of victory in such crazy times? It all starts with a healthy mindset, that is anchored in positivity and growth. 

Today’s guest, Trevor McGregor, has been instrumental in my success, as he was my coach and my mentor. Every time we speak, I learn something new, and am pumped to make things happen! Today is no exception, as I have purposely brought him on the show today to help my listeners navigate today’s chaotic world through developing a growth mindset. 

Before launching his own coaching practice, Trevor was a Master Coach with the Anthony Robbins Group. He has over 20,000 hours of coaching experience and has worked with clients from around the world. His clients include Fortune 500 executives, high-level real estate investors, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and professionals. They all seek him for one reason: life-changing transformation. 

Today Trevor brings his expertise in helping others realize their true power and hidden potential to achieve more success through detailing four easy steps to reset your mindset to victor! We discuss getting out of your own head and breaking your negative mindset and recalibrating for success. We have a critical discussion on the global business ramifications of COVID19 and the real estate investment opportunities, which will substantially grow during the rest of 2020 and beyond.

  • How Trevor helps professionals move forward
  • Trevor’s global diversified portfolio 
  • The impact on people, their business and mindset due to COVID19 repercussions.
  • Roadblock or opportunity: What Trevor is seeing in the field 
  • Global Pattern Interrupt. 
  • The number one challenge is mindset (you either have certainty or uncertainty)
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people to get some perspective. 
  • Understanding the 4 mindset steps to take to navigate through these crazy times: 
  • Your State (is your glass half empty, or half full?) 
  • Your Story (what’s your identity, victim or victor?) 
  • Your Strategy (Intelligent and inspired action to take you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Your Standards (you are only as good as the standards that you set and hold yourself to)
  • Is your focus allowing you to find the opportunities out there? 
  • The stages of a negative mindset and how to work through them
  • How to begin to reinvent yourself after being furloughed, laid off or fired 
  • Understanding the global business repercussions due to COVID19 crisis
  • How Intelligent and inspired action will take you from where you are to where you want to be
  • Why it’s the perfect time to be a real estate investor
  • The hottest real estate investments right now
  • Understanding and setting a growth mindset

Some of Trevor’s Favorite Books:

Awaken the Giant Within (Tony Robbins)

Traction (Gino Wickman)

Never Split the Difference (Michael Kramer)

Trevor’s Favorite Book Right Now (by his wife!)

A New Alphabet for Humanity – A children’s book (Leesa McGregor)

Get in Touch with Trevor:

Trevor McGregor

Trevor McGregor Coaching

About the author, Scott

Scott is an energetic and health conscious Real Estate Entrepreneur. A transplant from the state of Iowa, he has excelled in business from his very first venture. Entrepreneurship has come naturally for Scott, as he started his first company at the age of 17. He studied at the University of Iowa with degrees in Business Communication and Entrepreneurial Management, also studying Health Promotion with an emphasis in Nutrition before moving to Arizona to dominate in his Real Estate career.

Starting off in residential retail Real Estate sales with Keller Williams Realty and closing $2.2M in volume his first 12 months, he quickly realized being a realtor was not for him. Since then, he has moved into the investment space flipping over 150 residential transactions and building a portfolio of rental properties with over $20,000,000 in closed volume to date. He is also the host of the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, interviewing only the elite of Real Estate Investors for his listeners. Now with his knowledge and experience, he is moving into larger investment opportunities in multi-family and commercial Real Estate, focusing on building strong relationships with his investors, providing solid returns, and building wealth for his family.

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