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How to Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

With the upheaval in the real estate industry and crazy market swings, now is the time when people make fortunes. Today’s episode is dedicated to getting you focused on and seizing the opportunities others may miss due to the distraction and fear of the times we are living in.

Aaron Chapman is the perfect man to talk to when it comes to dealing with crises, as he has lived through and thrived through many of them during his lifetime. From picking up dropped change in a gas station parking lot, for gas to get home, to ranking #14 in an industry of over 300,000 licensed loan originators, Aaron knows how to seize opportunities. Today, Aaron averages over 700 loan transactions per month and is a published author. 

During this special episode, Aaron shares how he got through some very tough times by recognizing where the lucrative alternatives were and securing them. We also talk about the state of the market today and how everyone should be in the game and not sitting on the sidelines, hoping not to get hit. 

This episode will inspire you to keep going and make the most of what you have. 

Key Takeaways

  • An inspiring story of perseverance
  • Making a mindset shift to success
  • Finding opportunities when they are scarce
  • How to handle fortune, so it doesn’t handle you
  • How Aaron built his business
  • Turning tragedy into growth
  • Merging with a competitor (the do’s and don’ts)
  • How to learn from pain
  • Don’t send a pickup to do a tractor’s job
  • How to anchor yourself for success
  • State of the real estate industry and the market today
  • The Chainsaw Analogy (you don’t want to miss this!)
  • Lenders perspective on the market today
  • How the turbulent stock market is affecting real estate investing 
  • Fixed financing strategies
  • Examining actual inflation (this is mind-blowing!)
  • How to take advantage of the stock market right now

Aaron Chapman Books

Point Your Head and Heart…and Your Ass Will Follow (QJO Series; Book 1)

Gratitude: A Practical Application (QJO Series; Book 2)

Quit Jerkin Off (QJO Series; Book 3)

Stihl Running (QJO Series; Book 4)

Get In Touch with Aaron

Aaron Chapman Website

Aaron Chapman Loan Programs

Book Recommendations

The Master Key System

Outwitting the Devil (Napoleon Hill)

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