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How to Start in Mobile Home Investing

“Why I love the mobile home investing business: The same fundamentals and mechanics as real estate investing but with a 200 – 300% ROI and very little competition!” -Brandon Pfannenstiel 

Affordable housing has always been an issue because there is never enough of it. With the fallout of COVID19 and the blow to our economy, many people are looking for ways to spend less on housing. Mobile homes are an affordable alternative. So much so, big investors are gobbling up mobile home parks, faster than you can say, recession recovery! That’s good news for mobile home investors, and why I brought expert, Brandon Pfannenstiel of The Mobile Guyz, to take you through all the ins and outs of investing in mobile homes. 

Back in 2016, Brandon couldn’t understand why so many wanted to jump in the same real estate investing pool. That’s when he implemented real estate investing concepts but with a little twist. Mobile Homes! Mobile Home Guyz LLC become a reality, with Brandon building his business into an ROI machine!

Today, we will be going through mobile home investing from A-Z, providing you with all the information you need to start raking in that 300% ROI! 


  • Transitioning from a W2 job to investing in mobile homes.

  • Brandon’s business today: 300+ deals: buying and flipping, buying and seller financing, and wholesaling mobile homes.

  • How to target homes in specific communities for the best ROI.

  • Maintaining a passive portfolio to sustain the mobile home investing business.

  • Why you have to have a D8 Manufactured Housing license to make any money in mobile homes.

  • Deals in Maricopa, County and Tucson, Arizona

  • The mechanical and financial differences between real estate investing and mobile home investing. 

  • How to find the best Mobile Home Deals

  • Why it’s important to always test your market. 

  • Mobile home investing competition (hint: there is none) 

  • How to obtain a 300% ROI with mobile home investing

  • The dollars and sense of investing in Mobile Homes

  • The No Money Down Mobile Home Deal (200% ROI)

  • The typical mobile home buy and flip.

  • Laws and legislation around buying and selling mobile homes. 

  • The future of mobile homes: Many investors are buying mobile home parks, which is beneficial to the mobile home investor. 

  • The high-end mobile home: You can see them as high as 6 figures.

  • Understanding the mobile home buyer

  • Raising capital from investors.

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