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How to Generate Motivated Seller Leads Using Radio Marketing

We all want to generate a ton of motivated seller leads, but using radio? Yes, radio may feel a bit antiquated, but according to Chris Arnold, most real estate owners are over 50 years old and still listen to the radio. According to Nielsen, even beyond Chris’ expertise, radio listening is on the rise, and people are tuning in with greater frequency to news/talk formats. Those with greater spending optimism are more likely to be heavy AM/FM radio listeners.

Radio advertising provides high-quality leads, as the people who take action and call you are serious about doing a deal. And since most investors are using the other strategies where they are less qualified or serious about doing a deal, it could be more efficient for you and your team.

Chris is the owner of Wholesaling Inc and the creator of the REI Radio program. He works with clients to get 100 ads per month, per station, for about $1,000 to $2,000 per month. Chris shares tips on leveraging radio to find real estate deals and why radio is the best marketing, yet most overlooked, solution for real estate investors. 

Key Insights:

  • Chris’ real estate journey 
  • Why virtual real estate was the way to go, even before COVID
  • The 3 Freedoms we all want: Freedom of resources, freedom of time, freedom of thought, freedom of location
  •  The solution provider approach to real estate investing
  • The two categories of lead generation
  • Why radio is the perfect channel for real estate investors
  • Reaching the prime audience of people aged 50+ 
  • The cost of using radio is one of the most affordable marketing
  • The mistake most people make when advertising on radio 
  • How to analyze a radio advertising buy 

If you buy marketing right, you will net a high ROI

  • Negotiating radio advertising rates
  • How you obtain immediate leads advertising on the radio
  • The two main things you get with radio marketing that you don’t get anywhere else

Radio is a respective form of marketing that provides you instant credibility and celebrity status

  • Radio marketing is excellent for new real estate investors
  • Generating motivated seller leads without the headaches 
  • How radio instills recognition and trust for you and your business
  • Radio is a great way to generate off-market leads
  • What type of real estate investors should use radio advertising
  • The process to follow for successful radio marketing
  • The best way to handle radio live leads
  • The ROI of radio marketing compared to other channels
  • The most competitive radio markets and how to differentiate yourself
  • Transitioning from success to significance
  • What marketers like about radio

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.

What Chris is Reading:

The Motive (Patrick M. Lencioni)

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