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The Power of Tax-Free Growth

95 out of 100 people will not be able to retire the way they want, due to a lack of education of the most profitable ways to invest their retirement savings. Many have depended on 401Ks for retirement, not understanding that the average rate of return is between 5% and 8%. And that’s not counting having to deal with the volatility of the stock market, which could wipe out a considerable chunk of your retirement.

I think Forbes said it best: 

“A 401k only works as a retirement savings plan when it’s efficient, which it too easily is not. Many come with huge (often hidden) fees and expense ratios attached. Imagine if for every $10,000 you invested in your 401k $4,000 was lost to fees. This isn’t imaginary — some target-date funds (TDFs) have extremely large fees.”

I want everyone to retire comfortably, which is why I have brought Stephen Nagy on today’s show. Stephen is a 14-year veteran real estate investor and finances professional, as well as an experienced business development speaker and mentor for The Money School. 

During this episode, we will cover the differences in 401K and IRA retirement savings versus investing in real estate, and how you can use these retirement funds for better returns. Stephen is going to take you through real-world scenarios, how to find trustworthy financial advisors, and tips on using your home equity line of credit.  

You are also going to learn about my new favorite resource, The Money School, which I joined this month, and it’s already paying off! 

  • Transitioning from the finance world into real estate investing.
  • Stephen’s path to The Money School.
  • How to get your mindset right, so your money is right. 
  • Trillions of dollars in retirement accounts and less than 5% of IRAs are self-directed. There is a reason why 97% is controlled by 3% of people.
  • How to use your retirement accounts (401K, self-directed IRA) for real estate investing.
  • Beware of information and people out in the internet universe that claim they have all the answers. Look for the professionals who have run a successful business for years.
  • How to find potential investors who have a retirement account that is not providing a strong ROI.
  • How to use your Home Equity Line of Credit for investing.
  • Finding financial advisors.
  • The Money School TV: What it is and the many benefits of becoming a member.
  • The Money Multiplier: The concept of infinite banking. How to have a guaranteed return on your money, with uninterrupted compounding interest every year.
  • Learning about uninterrupted compounded interest Self-directed ROTH IRA.
  • The power of tax-free growth.

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