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From Wholesaling to Building a Single Family Rental Portfolio

Transitioning from wholesaling to building a single-family rental portfolio has its challenges, but it’s worth it! As a wholesaler, you are only as good as your last deal, which takes a lot of hustle and grind. Investing in single-family rentals, you generate passive income with less hustle and grind. And, if you throw in some creative financing deals, your portfolio will be all the more robust!

Jared Vidalis, a former engineer and currently the Founder and COO of Equity Connect, knows how to follow the market and the money. By continuous self-education, networking, and being tapped into the industry, Jared has continuously evolved his business while growing his assets, no matter the economic climate.

The rental industry is changing and evolving due to generational behaviors. Add COVID19 into the mix, and all the working trends are being readjusted. Success for real estate investors and agents depends on understanding home buyer and renter behaviors. However, keeping up with the constant change in behaviors that stem from economic changes can be daunting! This is what Jared studies, and he shares his thought process and insights on how to compete and win in today’s rental market.

  • From fix and flip to wholesaling (because fix and flip is no HGTV show!)
  • Making every mistake in the book, but still making money
  • Handling the real estate market challenges of 2020
  • How to build a book of assets and strengthen your balance sheet
  • Rental real estate is not really a passive investment
  • The Phoenix real estate market low-down
  • Subject to financing
  • Creative financing tips
  • Single-Family Rental (SFR) statistics today
  • How to protect yourself from defaults 
  • How lucrative stacking rentals can be (by the numbers)
  • The 3 qualifiers for a good cash flow deal 
  • Why single-family rental investing is a more attractive asset than multifamily
  • Generational behaviors of today’s home buyers and renters
  • The benefits of building subdivisions strictly for rentals (high-density SFR), 
  • Strengthening your portfolio by targeting the challenges that millennials and boomers are facing in today’s real estate market 

Jared’s Book Recommendation:

The Peebles Principles: Tales and Tactics from an Entrepreneur’s Life of Winning Deals, Succeeding in Business, and Creating a Fortune from Scratch

Contact Jared

Instagram: @jared_vidalis

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