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Better Financial Portfolio Management for DIY Investors

No more spreadsheets, and no more financial advisors. Sound good? I’m talking today with the owner of Passiv, who caters to busy high-earning professionals who are DIY Investors. Creating your retirement nest egg shouldn’t be so hard, and traditional financial portfolio management can eat up your time and money, but no more! 

Today’s guest is Nick McCullum, who is the owner of Passiv, which is a portfolio management tool that makes it easier for DIY investors to maintain a balanced portfolio and build a passive investment strategy at their online broker. It eliminates the need to use spreadsheets, saves investors from logging into their broker to place trades, and helps DIY investors stick to their portfolio’s target allocation. It’s the ultimate wealth manager!

During today’s episode, Nick and I talk about how Passiv can help investors, how the platform works with brokerage houses, understanding target asset allocation, and managing self-directed accounts. If you are looking to get a higher return on your investments, which will allow you a larger retirement nest-egg, then this podcast is for you.

Key Insights:

  • Making DIY investing more accessible for investors who manage their own portfolios
  • How Passiv does all the work for you
  • Investing perfectly in your target portfolio
  • Why they don’t use AI to manage your portfolio
  • Who benefits from Passiv
  • Designed for everyday investors who are planning for retirement
  • What differentiates Pasiv from other one-click trading platforms
  • Understanding your target asset allocation 

Passive replaces the dreaded spreadsheet as well as your financial advisor

  • How passive works with brokerage houses
  • What makes passive unique is their trade capabilities 
  • Alternative investments tracking
  • First-time user tips
  • How COVID has affected the online trading space

When the markets are volatile, people trade more. 

  • How Passive’s technology determines the right investing moves for customers
  • Walking through how investments may get off track 

What Nick is Reading:

Elon Musk: A Biography of Billionaire Entrepreneur Elon Musk (Robert Hanson)

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