#INVESTTHIS EP 53: The Power of Self-Directed IRAs or 401Ks for Investing

Real estate is an alternative asset that is permitted to be owned by a retirement account. In the case of IRAs, the most common manner in which to purchase real estate is by using Self-Directed IRAs. Forbes

Today’s guest is Bernard Reisz, who is the Principal of 401k Checkbook. His company crafts retirement plans that enhance their clients current and future finances, while giving them complete control over their investments. Bernard has made it his mission to know every nook and cranny of the financial world. He holds both security and insurance licenses so that he can keep up with the ever-changing tools and regulations.

During this episode, Bernard shares his vast knowledge of investing utilizing self-directed IRAs or 401Ks. Other topics that we cover extensively are the differences between a financial advisor vs. a fiduciary advisor. Also, we discuss the dissimilarities between using your 401K plan vs. an IRA, as well as the tax advantages. Bernard also explains his unique business model, where his number one goal is to give his clients greater control over their retirement money.

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Bernard Reisz Information:

401K Checkbook





Bernard’s Favorite Book

Naked Economics

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#INVESTTHIS Special Episode: How to Use Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

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#INVESTTHIS EP 52: Innovations in Digital Marketing Lead Generation

In a recent Forbes article, it was stated “Nearly every investor has experienced the frustration of dealing with third-party/online leads. Although they can be an incredible source of business, there’s no denying online lead generation is out of control.” During today’s episode, we are going to show you how you can control your lead generation through technology.

Greg Bilbro is the Co-Founder of GeoFlip. He and his partner have built a proven model that includes everything a real estate investor needs for their online marketing to be successful. Greg started his career as a stockbroker and was the youngest person to make Partner at New York Life. Greg struck out on his own and found real estate investing was a perfect fit for his combination of talents. With nearly 15 years of experience in real estate investing, he has expertise in many facets of real estate investing. These include fix and flip, wholesale, retail, financing, and creatively structured deals.

Every time I talk with Greg, I’m inspired, and today’s show is no different. We discuss the importance of making decisions based on data and not your gut. Greg provides actionable insights on how to make digital marketing work for better deals. Most noteworthy, he goes into detail on how to get the attention of motivated sellers. And his innovations that make PPC work for a better ROI are incredible.  Because Greg is a hard-working visionary, he explains the further decline of direct mail and how to ramp-up other options before it’s no longer useful. Something that truly caught my attention is GeoFlips innovative Golden Ratio technique. This system is providing his clients with amazing close rates.

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Greg’s Partner, Kasim’s Best Selling Book:

The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing

Greg’s Other Favorite Books

Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant


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#INVESTTHIS EP 30: No Lead Left Behind: Systemizing Lead Management

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#INVESTTHIS EP 51: The Art of Creative Financing with Andrew LeBaron

Sometimes when you’re starting as a residential redeveloper, you need to find creative financing methods to jump-start your career, especially when you don’t have a ton of experience under your belt or a considerable reserve of capital to tap into. -Fortune Builders

Today’s guest, Andrew LeBaron, the Co-Founder of Flippin’ Paper. Andrew is a driven entrepreneur specializing in real estate transactions ranging from wholesale, fix and flip, buy and hold, and development. Starting out in Mortgage Banking, he soon found that he was in the wrong business, and used Bigger Pockets to jump-start his investing career. Today, he and his team flip real estate contracts to cash buyers nationwide. He also has an outstanding show on YouTube called Wholesaling Houses Flippin’ Paper.

In this week’s episode, Andrew goes into detail on how to use creative financing, seller financing as well as ways to cultivate master leases. He shares his knowledge on how to properly asses a seller’s needs, as well as how to get good deals on taking over loans. We also discuss the pros and cons of the other part of his business, in which Andrew invests in short-term rentals, utilizing businesses such as Airbnb. You will also hear his method of picking the perfect properties as well as how he has built his organization for future growth.

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Flippin’ Paper

Wholesaling Houses Flippin’ Paper Show

Flippin’ Paper Courses

Wholesaling Flippin’ Paper Facebook Group

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#INVESTTHIS EP 45: Real Estate Note Investing with Scott Carson

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#INVESTTHIS EP 50: Make More Money in Wholesaling, with Josh Gayman

Josh Gayman, the master of wholesaling, was my 3rd guest on #INVESTTHIS. His episode still holds the title of ‘Most Popular’ of all my podcasts.

Josh bought his first rental property in 2012. Today, Josh has transacted over 700 houses for over $100,000,000 in transactions. He runs a full-time wholesale operation with a sales staff generating over six figures per month, as well as a rental portfolio of over 20 properties. In 2016 Josh shocked the real estate world with his famous product “Cold Calling On Steroids.” This product has revolutionized real estate marketing costs for investors around the country and is so popular he has a waiting list of people trying to get their hands on it.

During today’s episode, Josh gives us an update on his wholesale business and his new journey into helping other wholesalers. He talks about how he has developed a series of helpful tools and will begin mentoring this year. Josh also goes into detail about how he has grown his business during the last ten years, as well as helpful insights into converting leads. Due to his business growing, Josh talks about how hiring a COO has helped him tremendously in a multitude of ways. You will also learn in this episode, what he wants to do in the future, who he admires the most and why and what his most significant achievement is to date.

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Josh Gayman Information:

Flip Hackers

Presley Lizabel

Josh Gayman Website

Wholesale Real Estate on YouTube

Free Passive Income eBook




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#INVESTTHIS EP 44: The Steps to Take to Become a Real Estate Wholesaler

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#INVESTTHIS EP 49: 5 Ways to Improve Business Efficiency, with Don Costa

Focusing on how to improve business efficiency can help you grow and maximize your profits, as well as save you time and money. -American Express.

Don Costa, hosts the popular podcast Flip Talk and he is the Founder of Strategic REI, which is a reputable house buying company in 7 markets in California. Don had a very profitable real estate business that he started in 2003, but like many people in real estate investment, 2008 was a difficult year for Don, as he lost everything and had to start over. His failures were his most significant educators, and he leaned on the hard lessons of the past, to make a bright future for himself and his family. Today, with a team of 16, and continued expansion into other markets, Don has rebuilt his life and business better than it ever was.

On today’s show, Don shares his expertise in business efficiencies. He goes into detail about how to manage and incentivize lead managers, as well as how to restructure a business, for, you guessed it, better efficiency. Besides all of his proficiency insights, Don shares the secret to his success, his most profitable marketing channel and how not to make a mistake most entrepreneurs make in business. Also, we talk about the trends in the market today.

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Don Costa Information:


Strategic REI

Flip Talk Podcast



Don’s Favorite Book

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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#INVESTTHIS EP 30: No Lead Left Behind – Systemizing Lead Management with Dan Schwartz, InvestorFuse

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