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How Joe Fairless Became a Real Estate Investing Powerhouse

I have known Joe for many years, a matter of fact, he is the reason I started a podcast about real estate investing! I thought it a perfect fit to have him jumpstart INVESTTHIS 2.0!

Join us as we discuss how Joe became so successful, how it started, and the significant role his mindset played in his growing success!

Key Takeaways of Part 1 Interview with Joe Fairless

  • How he became VP of an ad agency in NY right out of school
  • He made a goal of making $100K before he was thirty; find out how
  • On his first big deal, he lost money, but how he handled the situation made him more money in the future
  • Joe has interviewed over 2000 investors, and the knowledge he has gained is invaluable
  • Discussion on the path you choose reveals your character of who you truly are
  • How he makes a conscious effort to listen and learn from others – all the time
  • How to play the long game
  • How to focus on and use your unique talents
  • Assessing your skill set to enable you to move forward

Part 2 will be coming out soon: Strategies on How to Change Your Mindset.


INVESTTHIS EP 87: Revolutionary Real Estate CRM System

I’m so excited to share with you a cutting-edge real estate CRM system that will change your life!

Real estate CRM systems are integral to any investors’ business, but they can also be extremely frustrating. On today’s show, you will learn about an innovative system that was carefully built by a real estate investor that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Robert Syfert, is the Founder of InvestorPO, a CRM system that focuses on a more personal connection with lead automation while also automating all tasks so that investors can focus on building relationships and closing deals. He is also the Founder of USA Portfolio Real Estate, which offers the best turnkey real estate opportunities to investors across the nation and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of turnkey real estate investing. As a former member of the Real Estate World Wide Academy (REWW), he specialized in showing investors how to invest long distance, manage properties, raise capital, and maximize their investing dollars.

On today’s show, Robert will detail how InvestorPro works and how it is different than any other CRM system out on the market. He also discusses REI Touch, software that will enable investors to never lose another lead. We also discuss the challenges and triumphs of creating a software business and how to build a superior team.

SPECIAL OFFER: Use the InvestorPro link below and contact Robert saying you heard about his company on #INVESTTHIS and receive a free gift!

Click here to tune in!


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Robert Syfert Information:


USA Portfolio

Property List Manager

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Roberts Favorite Books

The Truth About Business

Crucial Conversations


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#INVESTTHIS Episode 82: Lead Generation Disruptor

Want to start in wholesaling? I got my first deal going using this system. Click here to check it out.

INVESTTHIS EP 86: Probate Real Estate Investing 101

Probate real estate has proven that it deserves a place amongst today’s best acquisition strategies. However, the process of acquiring a deal through probate is different than the average investor’s knowledge. It is a unique process that you will learn about on today’s show.

My guest today is Joe Theriault, owner of Inherited Property Solutions, who started the company because he saw a need in the marketplace that wasn’t being filled. He is bothered that people are suddenly thrust into a great deal of responsibility during a difficult time, such as losing a loved one and being responsible for inherited property. Ever since then, Joe and his partner Ray and their team have dedicated their time to help this distinct group of individuals sell their inherited property with dignity.

During today’s discussion, Joe gives some expert advice on the differences in probate real estate investing. In addition, he provides tips on how to get into this niche business. You will also hear how Joe started the company, some of the lessons he learned along the way, and how he put together his team. In addition, Joe talks about finesse being a considerable part of his day-to-day and how this skill has enabled his success.

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Inherited Property Solutions Information:

Inherited Property Solutions






What Joe is Reading Now

Good to Great


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#INVESTTHIS Episode 71: Real Estate Note Investing Made Easy

Want to start in wholesaling? I got my first deal going using this system. Click here to check it out.

INVESTTHIS EP 85: 3 Ways To Scale Your Wholesaling Business

Whether you are in wholesaling and want to make effective changes to scale your business, or you’re just starting out, this is the podcast for you. Find out how Jonathan Rankin, went from a W2 electrician to a solopreneur to partnership to an empire.

Jonathan is the co-founder and President of Development for Core Properties. He is a licensed real estate broker with 10+ years of experience in the real estate industry. Jon’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to build his own real estate investment company, JRankin Properties, before partnering with Rob Heyder, to form Core Properties. He has experienced all sides of the business, but more recently, is focused on strengthening operations and day to day company leadership. Due to their success, Jon and Rob have also started a hard money lending company, Core Funding, a real estate brokerage, Core Realty, as well as owning and operating commercial space.

During this episode, as promised, you will learn 3 ways to scale your wholesale business through Jonathan’s detailed information on how he started as a wholesaler making a decent living with 50 deals a year. Today, his company does 150 wholesale deals a year. Also, you will learn the steps he took to start his brokerage business as well as how he is moving into commercial real estate investing.

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Core Properties Information:

Core Properties

Wholesaling Coaching



Facebook Deals


What Jon is Reading Now

The 4 Hour Work Week


More Information on Wholesaling

#INVESTTHIS Episode 72: Wholesaling and Hard Money Lending

Want to start in wholesaling? I got my first deal going using this system. Click here to check it out.

INVESTTHIS EP 84: In The Zone of Success

This episode will motivate you towards success!

Today’s guests, Steve Enns and Josh Alter, Founders of Tallbridge Investments, tell their story of how they quit their day jobs to pursue their dream of real estate investing. Get ready to hear a fantastic story that begins with Steve and Josh almost being conned out of $40K! You will hear what changed their lives. (Hint: Justin Colby, host of The Science of Flipping is involved).

Josh Alter and Steve Enns are two dads and best friends who are living out their dreams by building a real estate company that is centered around supporting their families and fulfilling their passions.

Based on this commitment, they are creating a legacy for their families when they established Tallbridge Investment Corp. in 2015 – a real estate services company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Josh and Steve specialize in buying and selling off-market properties in the United States. They offer a broad and diverse portfolio of real estate solutions and off-market investment opportunities.

In today’s episode, you will be motivated to chase your dreams, from motivational-speaker in the making, Steve Enns. We also discuss how they started and grew their business as well as what the next 5 years of growth will look like.

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Tallbridge Investments Information:

Tallbridge Investments


Instagram Handles for Josh & Steve





What Steve and Josh are Reading Now

The 5am Club

Hard Things About Hard Things


More Information on Wholesaling

#INVESTTHIS Episode 72: Wholesaling and Hard Money Lending

Want to start in wholesaling? I got my first deal going using this system. Click here to check it out.

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